Shaun The Loud Wendy Jane Bantam Robert Hinrichs Hilary Saunders The Whiskey Drinkers Union The Said Mantics Daniel Christian The Rewind Magma Melodier Floating Opera

Wendy Jane Bantam

Welcoming Our Newest Artist

Robert Hinrichs

Pop Electronica

Hilary Saunders

Alchemy – Coming Soon In January 2018

The Whiskey Drinkers Union

Available on iTunes/Amazon/Google+ Music/CD Baby

The Said Mantics

New Record
Harley Graves

Daniel Christian

Tremulant welcomes award winning artist Daniel Christian. New record coming soon.

The Rewind

Analog In Now Available

Magma Melodier

Magma Melodier – Funeral CafĂ© – Now Available!

Floating Opera

Pop Song On The Elevator Down