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Formed in in 2013 to play at a friend’s birthday party and going strong ever since, The Whiskey Drinkers Union invites you to pour yourself a glass and join the movement!


The Whiskey Drinkers Union’s Americana roots rock sound is built using only the finest raw materials.  Alex Houchin’s tasteful, in-the-pocket drumming lays the foundation.  David Baumann’s textural, monastic keyboards build up the walls.  Finally, Patrick O’Donnell’s twangy, echo-y guitar and unadorned baritone vocals nails on the roof.  The result is a big, sturdy country/blues/rock palace.


Primary songwriter Patrick O’Donnell explores a diverse range of subject matter — from the improbable intersection of love and mathematics, to the simmering frustration of answering phones for a living, to shamefully doing the easy thing instead of the right thing, to getting lost in wilderness of your own mind.  In this union, everything is on the table.


So get your union card ready, pay up your dues, and join us to fight for your fair share of handcrafted indie rock power!

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