YA_Reunion_01On Saturday – August 29th in Lincoln Nebraska seminal Nebraska funk-rock band the Yardapes performed in celebration of their 20th year reunion.  The band had been toying with the idea of playing a show to commemorate their 20 years and contacted each other and their producer Eric Medley.  The project then grew into an event with a concert and re-release of their popular records Sonic and Get Bent (release on Tremulant – then called Fire Records) in 1993.  In addition to the remastering and re-release of their first albums the group decided to record 6 new tunes.  w/Cheese is brand new music that has the same power and drive that made the group so popular.  Just as tight – just as sick – just as funky – just as loud.  Nothing has changed.  All three records are available at the Store or on Apple iTunes, Google + Music, Amazon and CDBaby.  Stay tuned for live concert footage as well.  Are the Yardapes back for more???  We shall see.  Stay tuned.

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