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Tremulant Records is about the art of music.  We are passionate and driven to make great records.  We are not accidental in our approach and not cavalier in our choices.  Popular music today seems to be merely a  means to support a modeling career for a select few performers.  We find this unacceptable.  We believe people listen to music to maintain a soundtrack for their lives.  They listen to add meaning to their surroundings.  They listen to reach out and know that others are experiencing life as well.

Our artists produce records – not tracks.  The genre is not important.  The passion is.  It is our hope that if you are the kind of person who enjoys one particular genre of music, that you will explore our full range of artists and possibly expose yourself to something new and different.  Our artists do not slog through long lists of pre-packaged beats and loops to stitch together an track with all the right components to meet the 3:30 pop track guidelines.  They craft songs that do and say what they mean.

We invite you to join us in our endeavor to make art that is music – and music that is art.  We try to do our best to provide you with as many opportunities to listen for free and also keep our costs low.  We encourage you to help our artists continue what they do by purchasing the music for a fair-trade price.  We also love our Audiophile friends who insist on the highest quality sound files.(we provide all records at the original recording bit depth and sample rate)


Tremulant started its life in 1991 as Fire Records in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It featured many Lincoln/Omaha area bands.  In 1998 we changed our name to Tremulant to avoid confusion with a couple other Fire records out there.  Tremulant Records featured artists from around the region and began to spread out as our artists moved around. 

The label specializes in fiercely independent artists; artists who don’t quite fit into a particular mold or genre.  We do, however, realize that it is important to try and communicate to newcomers just what we sound like.  So in the interest of honoring this intent… 

Our artists tend to be very interested in the song writing process.  We tend to pay close attention to creating quality in both the music and the lyrical content.  On any given record you are likely to find a variety of styles and influences.   Most labels seem to try and shoe horn an artist into one or maybe two categories of music in order to make the marketing simpler.  Tremulant doesn’t care much about that sort of thing.

In today’s music world the ‘single’ reigns supreme.  Artists don’t seem as interested in creating and album of work and tend toward a group of single songs that have nothing whatever to do with each other.  Tremulant artists still create records that are meant to be played as a whole.  While we do sell each song individually through digital distribution, we encourage you to buy the whole record, as that’s how it was intended to be heard.  We’ll do our level best to make sure we’re not adding fluff and filler to the record just to meet some ‘number of tracks’ criteria.

We provide streaming samples of all our artists music and even previews as we move through the recording process, making the fans part of the creative process.  Quite often we use fan feedback to change or alter what we’re doing.  This collaboration is important to us.  We take the music as seriously as you do!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we really do hope you enjoy listening to our music!

~Tremulant Records~


** Artists – Please Note!!! ***
Tremulant Records is not actively seeking any unsolicited artists for consideration.  However, we do try and listen to all submissions when we can.  We promise nothing in the way of time or commitment if you submit material.  We do not accept any files or material (such as press packs, CDs, etc…)  The best way to submit to us is using a web link to a online video or sound sharing platform (like SoundCloud or ReverbNation)  

Thanks for your interest in Tremulant Records and its artists.  

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